Two Way Mirror

I can only begin this post by saying this day has been (my favorite word lately) #EPIC.

I sat down to blog tonight about the incredible things that are happening in my life right now (thank goodness for seasons of blessings), and happened upon some of my own blog posts from a few years back. Come to find out, I have an absolutely incredible life.

What?! Did she just say that? WHO on earth brags about how awesome their life is, except spoiled little things?

Guess what? I said it. I have an impossibly amazing life.

Want to know why? Because I know just how bad its been, and every single moment that I can find happiness in- I take. Happiness is fleeting, but joy…joy sustains you in the midst of pain, in the midst of confusion and anger, and joy lifts you up so you can appreciate those golden moments when everything just works. So I take moments of happiness and I let myself love them. Because they are a gift. I’m not guarunteed a single thing. Every learning experience, every memory with a best friend, every chance I take on a new idea at work…they are a gift and they will pass.

I was reading through some of my old posts…I’ve had it pretty great, and I’ve had some awful times. But, I’m not alone. I’m by far not the only person who has lived on food stamps. I’m certainly not the only one who has lost parents and been left to fend for herself. And I promise I’m not the only one who has had to work two jobs to make ends meet, not the only one who struggled to pay for college, and not the only one who has felt loss, and pain, and grief.

I’m not alone.

For a girl who has abandonment issues (this is why my shelter-dog and understand each other), that’s pretty amazing to know. But the best part….memories of those times are a two way mirror. They allow me to jump back into that moment, whether it was filled with lonliness or anger or even just reflection, and see the other side. I get to see that I DID indeed come out of it. I survived. I might have gotten a few new scars, or maybe even some new wisdom. But life moves on. And that is beautiful!

So today, on my #EPIC day, I know that my story will move on. It will have hills and valleys, and there will be days of sorrow too. But I can always rely on my two way mirror to remind me that not only will I survive, but I will grow.


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