Tea on the Terrace

Tea on the Terrace: Creating Happiness


“I just want to be happy.” Likely you’ve said it, thought it or felt it at some point. When the day gets long, the temper is short, or you are just plain tired. Life has a way of doing that, wearing you down doesn’t it? Confession: mine does. Some days I just want to go home, turn on Netflix, and binge watch because I’m exhausted. I Pinterest, Instagram scroll, and think about the next thing, experience, or person that could make me smile. I want to be happy, truly. I want to have that pep in my step, that mega-watt smile that exudes joy. So I search for happiness, for that which will give me joy.

This weekend, this gem of a message in a fortune cookie got me thinking:

fortune cookie

In the persuit of happiness, are we missing our opportunity to create it? Are we simply filling in the pot holes of life with quick fixes instead of paving a new road for ourselves?

What if happiness isn’t a destination, but a choice?

I may not get to choose my circumstances, but I can influence my reaction. It doesn’t mean I don’t hurt, don’t fear, and don’t wear out. (I do. See my post about the lie of super woman.) But in the midst of those circumstances, what if I chose to see the joy amidst it all? The lesson learned, the laughter, the ability to sip Earl Grey tea on my terrace. Instead of searching for happiness, what if I actively create it? In place of persuit, just DO happiness. Make it, fashion it, live it out for others- even if it takes effort. (And it will.) Personally, I’m tired of waiting for happiness to “arrive.” I refuse to let my circumstances dictate my joy.

So while I may have a (really) rough day, am overwhelmed, or even just “meh”, it is within my realm of responsibility to make the choice to find and do the things that lift my heart and give joy to my soul. If we actively make happiness in our own lives, doesn’t it make sense that it will spill over into others experiences as well? Can our simple repititious acts of choice actually create happiness in both our own life and others?

Choose to approach the day with delight, choose the reaction, choose happiness.

Where is the source of your joy?


Peony from Whole Foods | Sipping Harney & Sons Earl Grey tea in English Bone China

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