About the Writer


Based in Dallas, TX.

Raised in Asheboro, NC & Friendswood, TX. Born in Atlanta, GA.

After moving to Texas to live with her father at 13, Michelle’s life changed drastically when her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer as her father also struggled with Peripheral Neuropathy. She grew up fast.

At 16, Michelle became an orphan when her parents died unexpectedly within 4 months and week of each other. She planned two funerals, and boxed up her life twice by the time she was 17.

Using the life lessons her parents taught her, and her reliance on her faith, Michelle graduated high school with honors in ancient Latin, and put herself through private college at Dallas Baptist University, graduating in 3 years.

Michelle has worked at renowned organizations such as LifeWay Christian Ministries, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Michelle is available for freelance writing opportunities and speaking engagements on a per-item basis.

She is a fan of MMA, egregiously large epic novels, and red velvet cupcakes. Her goal is to travel to as many places as possible, and in the meantime live the city life and enjoy the crowning moments each day provides.

To contact Michelle, email:



One thought on “About the Writer

  1. I really appreciated your story. Thank you for sharing. My dad died when I was 18 (42 years ago this August 11) and left me with an unloving and uncaring mother. Father’s Day is so hard for me and people don’t usually understand. I worshiped (and still his memory) my dad. I will miss him until the day I die. I wrote about my grief on my website: http://justduckydickson.com/retirement-isnt-for-everybody
    thanks for sharing your feelings. take care!

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