I believe that every moment in life is precious, a gift given to us that is meant to be cherished. I believe in good deeds, and spending time with friends. I believe that dreams were meant to be followed, and hard work yields results- even if the results aren’t those we were expecting.

Life is not all one thing- not always joyous, not black and white, and certainly not predictable. But those moments, those memories of good and bad, are ours to keep. How we respond to them is completely up to us, and even more so what we do with those experiences going forward.

This is a place to capture, to remember, and to look forward. No set format, no set rules, and no set time frame. Much like life.

This is a place to capture those crowning moments we experience- the ones that are seared in our hearts and stamped on our spirits, and even the ones in between.


One thought on “Purpose

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